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SOLUTION Re: Newbie plugin maker needs URL help

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> Actually that method also uses an iframe, as I understand it.

NO, the method at TikiMODS.com/PageOnlyDisplay doesn't use any IFRAMEs. The example on that page shows how to display only the wiki page content inside a module. Only the MODULE needs the iframe.

> But so far I've had to enable HTML for that page because I needed to use normal iframe code. I've been wanting a wiki plugin for the job since we first started putting pages like this together, and I finally got around to trying. My iframe plugin works for conventional urls, but gets hung up on the equal sign in Tiki-style urls.

The IFRAME Plugin on TikiMODS.com works with the equal sign because the source URL is entered as the DATA for the Plugin when you put it on a wiki page. In other words, you put the URL you want to be displayed in the iframe IN BETWEEN THE TAGS of the plugin, instead of as a parameter inside the brackets. For example:

{IFRAME(width=100%, height=400, align=center, marginwidth=0, marginheight=0, frameborder=0, scrolling=auto)}http://url-to-show.com{IFRAME}