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Re: Permission Assignment Confusion

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There are several different ways to accomplish what you are asking.

Click the perms button on each wiki page and you can assign different permissions to whatever user(s) and/or group(s) you want on an individual basis.

Remember that in admin --> general there is a setting to automatically create a separate "group" for each registered user. If you enable that then you can use "group" permissions to set all your permissions, even for individual users, because then the "groups" dropdown selector, wherever it appears (for all types of objects, not just wiki pages) will list each individual as a "group".

Alternatively, you can use Categories instead of groups as containers for separating content into different "subjects". To do it this way:

1) Create a Category for each subject, named: Fish, Cat and Dog.

2) Create a GROUP for each Category, with corresponding names: FISH, CAT and DOG. (I use all caps for all my groups that correspond to category names. This makes them easier/quicker for me to identify in the group permission drop-down selectors throughout my site.)

3) Then, whenever you put content of any type (not just wiki pages!) into a category, that content will automatically inherit the permissions of that category.

4) Then you can give any user(s) or group(s) permissions to access certain site content related to some specific subject matter simply by assigning the content/object to a Category and then adding a user/group to the corresponding GROUP.

5) Make sense?

-- Colorado