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Community and *.tiki.org site organization

Re:Re:No "Support" on tw.o?

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I think we may be talking about the same thing, mose, but giving it different names.

By a "support" section, I don't mean to suggest that users should expect professional-quality, on-demand support. No user should come to tw.o and demand an answer to a support question — as if the Tiki community owed him/her something.

Instead, support should be a collaborative thing — with users helping each other out and developers contributing as they have time. I'd suggest that tw.o could be a very valuable tool to help build a support community such as that.

Further, if you look at the Websites for competing open-source projects such as PostNuke or phpBB, you'll find support communities are encouraged and prominently displayed.

Do most people view tw.o as solely a "collaborative website for developers"? This worries me as I've spent a bit of time contributing to the TikiWiki project by writing documentation on tw.o. I wrote it assuming that it'd be used by admins and end-users, but not really by developers.

Please let me know if my efforts have been misguided.