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Re:Re:Re:Re:No "Support" on tw.o?

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> mose:
> > jbutler:
> > Instead, support should be a collaborative thing — with users helping each other out and developers contributing as they have time. I'd suggest that tw.o could be a very valuable tool to help build a support community such as that.
> - That is not support, I call it solidarity, friendliness and mutual help. It's not a one-way thing.

I’m all for solidarity, friendliness and mutual help! exclaim

Perhaps, then, if the label support implies users-ask/developers-respond we could find another label for a, shall we say, help community center. For example, phpBB’s support section has this preface:

“Having installation problems? Is the database giving you trouble? Can't seem to login? Have a question about how to use the product? Then check out the phpBB community forums where you can post your questions and find answers to almost everything!???

The phpBB developers aren't promising that they'll help users, but they are offering a space for users to help each other. Wouldn’t such a preface also be appropriate for tw.o’s forums?

In addition, phpBB offers a FAQ. And it seems to me that Tiki’s FAQ-building module makes this sort of service pretty painless. Indeed, I notice that the Tiki Install FAQ has had over 2,400 visits. Clearly, it’s a popular item!

> tw.o is dedicated to the tikiwiki community that is composed by contributors of any sort. But we can't claim it's aimed at end-users, specifically. It's aimed at end-user-actor that don't come here only as a user claiming support and help, but also interact with any valuable content, ideas or just a quote. Do you see what I mean ?

That seems perfectly reasonable to me. The notion of an end-user-actor is one of the foundations of open-source software.

> Another site will be setup soon with a more organized content, dedicated essentially to documentation and a more synthetic presentation of tikiwiki. The development website will then can remain low in rules enforcement and rich in content, using the object sending feature to migrate final content from dev site to doc site.
> I hope you'll continue doing that great job you do in that area, it will be much easier to perform there, I think. What do you think about it ?

I’ll be curious to see how this works out. It does seem like a separate section of tw.o that is devoted to documentation development would be useful. And I’ll continue to do my small part working on that documentation.

And you can call me stubborn wink, but I still think a support section –- regardless of what it’s labeled –- would be a great idea!

Thanks for all your good work on tw and tw.o!