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Re: I think I need a mentor

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Hi tim:

Some suggestions, from easiest to more advanced:

  1. Create wiki pages by hand, with the (manual) structure you wish. Get info about changes through RSS (or subscribing to individual pages). Let users edit pages, and save them. Don't let them "rollback" (remove that perm. for normal users)
  2. Use Categories to link pages together related to each novel, and/or author.
  3. Use wiki structrures if yopu want to add (automatic) navigation bar and automatic structure to the pages of each novel.
  4. Use wiki templates if you want your users to strat writting with specific items to fill in, sections, etc.

If you want to have more perms. separating pages from one novel to the rest, then you may use AulaWiki Mod to have workspaces with their own perms assigned to the automatically (so far, it still requires some expertise using Tiki & TikiMods ). Use at your own risk. wink

If you preffer the submit content by users and you reviewiung it before approval, you can use article feature instead of wiki feature, in Tiki. But content will not be reusable as easily as with Wiki pages...

Moreover, is you want to avoid spammers, you just let only registered users edit content, and allow only your trusted people to register (adding graphical registration code, and/or admin approval for registration, and/or text register code - and say it to your potential users, etc.)

Hope this makes sense to you, and it helps...

Good luck, smile