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Features / Usability

1.9 Stable?

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is version 1.9 realy stable?
because 1.8 is working much better for me. for example for modules and so on.

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What specific problems are you having?

-- Gary

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i had some problems with modules. they didn't stay where "i told them to" mrgreen
or didn't apear to the right groups (what is the difference between "display for eligeble persons, display to all and so on? didn't realy work for me)
well... actualy that was the only greater issue i had, and with 1.8 I didn't have this problem at all
You add a module in the list, tell him where to stay (left, right) and in wich order. and it works.
With version 1.9 sometimes they didn't apear so I had to remove and add them some times till they worked.
And there were those modules that just didn't apear, no matter what I did. Or apeared Just do go disapearing again after I change their location.


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It works for me.
You can try also with "show modules for all groups always"
1.9.x much better than 1.8.x for me.

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i changed to 1.9
still don't know what the problem was,,,, think i was to dumb at the time mrgreen


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You have to force modules into the view of all users if this is activated: admin/features: "Users can Configure Modules" and/or "Users can Shade Modules"