Images missing in Documentation

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I have just downloaded your amazing software and also the following documentation tiki16pdfmanual.zip, tikitutor20051110.pdf and tikidoc20060801.pdf.

In the file, tikidoc20060801.pdf at some pages (Ex: 175, 176, 177, stc.question), the images (that are shown in the online documentation), do not display in the pdf file.

Is there a way to get the online mannual downloadedidea? or Is there a better download (not sourceforge.net), that includes the imagesidea?

I wanted to print the documentation and go through it in details to know exactly what to do and what can I do, but the lack of these images made me rethink and go to online manual but this is a very tedious job.

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you should be able (I guess) to print the full structure of the documetation (on doc.tw.o), using "Wiki > multiprint", and select the category.

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