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Hmm. Im confused. I see people talking about assining permissions to categories but when I go to the permissions page of the category I created regardless of whether I create the category with "assign perms automatically" or not I only get a listing of two permissions I can assign the category, view categories and admin categories.

How do I (can I even?) have it so that the permissions I have listed in a group apply to all the users in that group when that group is assigned to taht category?

So like I want to be able to minimally:

GroupA: User1, User2, User3, Perms1,2,3,etc..
GroupB: User4, User5, User,6, Perms5,6,7etc..

Then I can have a categories of pages:

Category1: GroupA.
Category2: GroupB

Then when users in GroupA are on pages in Category1 they have the permssions of Perms1,2,3,etc..

but when they are in pages of Category2 they only have the perms of Registered.

When I setup the site with what I thought was something that made sense I setup the Editor Group with the generic options that I would want any Editor group to have for their own Category.

Then I Created a new group MainGroup and copied the permssions from the Editor group into MainGroup.

Then I created a category Main and put HomePage in the category.

What I was trying to do was have it setup so that only people in the MainGroup could edit the HomePage and any other pages in the Main category.

But it looks like anyone in the editor group can edit the HomePage even though they arent in the MainGroup.

That was when I realized that you cant actually assign Categories permissions from Groups.

This kind of ruins my use of the wiki unfortunately, sad really considering I spent two days installing it to find out :-(

I did look into this early on and the website somewhere said Category Permissions and Groups are supported. So I assumed it meant at the same time. :|

Is this a planned feature? Can I go ahead and work with the wiki for a while and just bait my breath with the hope that it will be resolved?

Or is this something that isnt even being thought about and I need to start planning something else? I think if I had to I could trim it down to one set of global editors and just really limt who I allow that kind of access.

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Did you check that your MainGroup didn't include the Editor group? (this could be one simp0le reason or misconfiguration to produce that unwanted behavior).

And definitely, category permission, so far, allow only view and admin, but page permissions allow all the perms related to wiki pages (similar to other tiki features). They can coexist (and do pretty well). If they don't in your case, there must be a recent bug somewhere (that should be reported and fixed). If it's a bug, and it's kind of very important to you that somebody fixes it urgently, I'd suggest that you request a coder to do it, and pay him/her for that (FYI: I'm not a coder; I'm just sharing with you what I do in a similar case)

Beyond that, if you keep the Tiki track (I'd suggest so ;-), keep track of the workspaces feature (installable through AulaWiki Mod on Tiki 1.9.x sites). It contains a bunch of features to easily do what you are planning to do by hand.... (but try only aulawiki Mod and workspaces after you understand configuration of groups and perms: global, local, inherited groups, etc.)

For Workspaces manual and so (already translated to English), look for aulawiki on http://edu.tikiwiki.org

Good luck (HTH)