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Re: Drupal -> tikiwiki migration?

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Hi Brent, Can I ask you why are you migrating from Drupal to Tikiwiki?
I've heard many users of Drupal being very confident... and I'd like to hear the voice someone migrating to TW from drupal...
(just curiosity)
Xavi (tikiwiki user, and admin of a bunch of tiki sites; no drupal admin of any site myself)


> Brent

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It's mostly because the Forums support in drupal is weak- and my site is becoming more forum-centric. Also, the documentation / information pages need to be a bit more flexible than the 'books' model that drupal supports.

For me, it seems that drupal does a lot of things only 'OK'. I want a few focused capabilites done really well. I'm also thinking of PHPBB combined with mediawiki. However, TikiWiki's forums seem a bit stronger, so that's why I'm considering the TikiWiki route.

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Funny, ...did you see: the other topic?

For me, I don't know what to do. I have MediaWiki, partly functioning TikiWiki and partly functioning Drupal with a group system running. At least I would like to integrate MediaWiki with a group system. Are you aware of CiviCRM? The new group module to integrate with Drupal?. CivicSpace just started to offer them on their sites too: fact sheet , package deals. Then I like to have the best and nicest forum combined with a Blog (so people can continue on article postings in the forum) + groups, etc. Some forums of some programs, I don't like at all; some look nice and others are pretty inattractive, or attractive and disfunctional.

But all the systems seem different and technically almost impossible to integrate properly. Is that true? Or does it need a hughe developer team to make that run properly? Or maybe not glue it together, rewrite in into one new system? Philosophy: Suppose the Tiki-Wiki, MediaWiki, Drupal and CiviCRM teams join forces? Cultural barriers/matrix and organisational barriers, yes; for sure and more!