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inter-user mail problem

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I can't find the place to enable a registered user to get inter-tiki mail from another user. I have enabled "user messages" in features and have granted permission to the group ("Can use the messaging system") but in personal preferences where there is supposed to be a check box to "Allow messages from other users" there is only a box for "Note author when reading messages." What am I missing? I note that my preferences on this forum site has the tabbed structure and the required box but my site does not have the tabs or the correct "allow messages" check box. My install is Tiki 1.9.7.

Thanks, Will

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Welcome Will to Tikiwiki community! smile,

I've done my best to improve the documentation page

I suggest you to try

3. Under "Admin home > Login", you may want to modify these preferences:

    1. Checkbox "Users can opt-out internal messages:"
    2. Checkbox "Users accept internal messages by default:"

Can you try this, and if they solve your problem, can you improve documentation at doc.tw.o?

Or if you feel that this is a mistake and should be fixed, consider adding a bug report here:

Thanks, and welcome again ;-)


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Thank you Xavi! That did the trick. I am still not clear if I have to grant the permission "tiki_p_messages" to the registered users group but I will figure it out. I will try to help with the documentation as you suggest.

Thanks again for taking the time to assist, Will

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You are welcome, Will. :-)

P.S: And yes, you need to grant your registered users that perm if you want to allow them to post messages (afaik).