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Architecture / Installation

Re: Tikiwiki vs. Sharepoint

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Hi DMerkling, and welcome to Tikiwiki Community!

I tried (As a user) sharepoint a year ago in a trial at our university. I could't browse the file galleries with Mozilla Firefox under Linux nor under M$ Windows. And there was not documentation available for any user. Luckily it didn't succeed in our university, as like BSCW (which is installed since years ago but few people use it), and they are starting to use Joomla this year to support some institutional websites.

On the departmental point of view, I made a modification of opensocks (http://sf.net/projects/opensocks + http://www.ub.edu/ecolo ) to include new features in it. It was made in UK specially designed to support a university department (or faculty) web site. However, the main coder left the project years ago, and it still uses "register_globals on", so that it's not recommended (unless somebody would recode it to allow using regiter_globals off).

Since then, some people have prepared a simple demo made upon Tikiwiki (my favourite for this and other tasks ;-), which is not functional yet, because our new head of departament is not caring for improving our website at all (communication flows in our department are a kind of mess, right now).

If interested in having a look to our very simple test with Tikiwiki (1.9.x):
(on a shared hosting server)