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Dynamic Content inoperative

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Since I am a newby I hope you forgive me. I have installed TIKIWIKI on my server and is seems to operate very well. I can not find a way to turn on Dynamic Content support. I am using version 2.1. I don't see a switch in the Admin Feature menu. Am I missing something?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Jimmer, and welcome to Tikiwiki Community! :-)

Yes, you are right. Some of us stated this problem months ago. I sent a message 10 hours ago, by the way, rising the same issue to the tikiwiki-devel list on sourceforge.net. I hope to find out more about that and report back...
Or if anybody else knows more, I hope to read here the solution too!



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Can you recommend another method to paste the HTML from a Google Map to a wiki entry?
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Thanks! I'll give it a try!
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chibaguy, I tried on a 2.1 but it dodn't work for me. Anybody succeeded using the iframe on 2.x?
(moreover, its documentation says it's for >= Tiki 3.0, in fact, afair)

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I have the same problem. The command does spawn a frame but theres a 404 error on the content.
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Zukakakina.com is running Tiki 2.1 and the iframe wikiplugin works. See http://zukakakina.com/PluginIframe. But I'm not sure offhand if this is my old homespun version or the refurbished version. I'll check and update here.

Update: Well, I tried at themes.tw.o, too, and it works. I uploaded the iframe file, which is the current version, to that site, which is running Tiki 2.1, and no problem. See http://themes.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Wikiplugin_iframe_test . I did notice that the sample syntax is missing a comma or so, but it should still work.

-- Gary

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I've added an iframe by editing the content entry on the server. That seems to work fine without an additional plugin from within dynamic content. I just can't seem to give privs to view it to lowly registered users :-(

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Jimmer, We've been told the solution at the tikiwiki-devel list. The admin panel to enable it was moved in 2.x to:


Could you please update the documentation pages accordingly?

Thanks in advanced, and welcome also to the doc.tw.o contributors! wink

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Mmmm, however it doesn't work for me:
(using a nornia.css based theme - tried with tikinewt.css or tikineat.css and no luck either)

Using tiki 2.1, dynamic content added from this google map

On the contrary, a similar google map it seems to work in tw.o:

Any idea what might be happening?

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When I insert the code into the DCS window TIKI parses the code and changes the
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Tikiwiki wouldn't even let me show you the code snip. eek

iframe to i x rame

insert the brackets >< with your imagination

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IFRAME copied from trunk to 2.0 is working for me
{IFRAME(name=xxx, width=500, height=500, scrolling=auto)}http://tikiwiki.org{IFRAME}

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I'm not using IFRAME. I am pasteing code from a Google Maps link into the code window on DCS. When I do that TIKIWIKI changes the code

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I just generated a wiki page here and dropped the code into this wiki page. I inserted the same code into an HTML page or DCS page the editor changed the code and it changed the tag example. I corrected the iframe tag and previewed it. The first time it spawned a working link to google maps. I previewed it a second time and it won't work after that.

Hair pulling mode on

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Wiki pages at this site don't allow HTML (admin choice). If at your site the HTML code isn't working because the sanitizing (to prevent malicious scripting attacks) is breaking the HTML iframe tag, then a good solution would be to use another method for the iframe: the IFRAME plugin. This works very nicely, as this page at my zukakakina.com site shows.

I don't know why this seems so hard. Is there a reason you'd rather pull hair than use the plugin? wink

-- Gary

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Hi Gary,

I appreciate the help. The problem is that the Iframe program only allows the link to Google Maps. Not the formatting. I need the whole package that Google supplies to function. Your example shows this flaw. I am trying to place the map as well as driving directions in a small box.

This works if you drop the code snip from Google into an HTML Document.

RE: Broken Code.

I have found and set the switch in the admin page to allow HTML. But the site still insists on sabotaging me. Why would they give me the ability to insert HTML through the HTML Page function and the _D_ynamic _C_ontent _S_ystem functions then write code into the editor that breaks the code. This doesn't make sense.

I need to be able to drop the google link onto a page and to allow my managers to do the same. Otherwise the site is useless.


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I have run into this same issue trying to use a Google calendar page. The only way I found to get around the mangling of an iframe is to actually edit the DB entry for the link. This is not a good way to fix it, but does at least let the page load correctly.