Re:Core - Names = Zope/Plone style CMS?

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> So, basically you are saying that tiki should embrace a little from the zope/Plone style of content managment systems with regard to namespaces (directory style) and security on objects (overridable on every level)? biggrin

2 things:
- Parallel evolution is when 2 kinds of animals evolved to a similar form that fits better in a common environment (i.e. dolphins are similar to fishes, but they are not). Tiki and Zope/Plone are relatively close, so is natural that in some point of their evolution have points in common,
- Even if plone/zope didn't exist previously (don't know them at that level) I think that having a flat namespace is a limitation of current Tiki, so its the need of integrating all possible content object types in main tiki.