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(Noob) img tag not seeming to work for me

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I was trying to help on over on the docs section User Management by uploading some screenshots and such. While in edit mode, I attempted to use the Add Another Image button and this inserted the following (braces removed)

file name="adminusers.jpg" desc="admin users"

In preview — nothing showed up except a link to the image. The image, however, was definitely attached to the page.

So I followed the documentation for images, and after having attached an image to the page (see above) I tried to link and show it directly with:

img src="img/wiki_up/admincollapsed.jpg"

This, too, shows nothing except the little image tag edit icon. I've verified the file name and all that. It's attached. I even went ahead and (sorry for this) committed the edit to see if that would show it, and it didn't. I can clean up the page once you guys see it and confirm my bad code.
So...total noob...... what am I doing wrong?

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mizraith: this is the url you have to use for your image admincollapsed.jpg:


{img src=http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=21&display align=center}

which would produce:


But please, only upload screeshots to doc.tw.o file galleries that matter to documentation, not to show your problems (if that was the case). For showcasing, you can use tw.o, the community site.

Thanks for improving documentation and participating in tw.o community.

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documentation is not yet fully updated to tiki3.0. Thanks for understanding, and helping to update it.

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notice that you can also use just the url to your file http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=21 as shown from the file gallery where you uploaded your image:

(in tiki3, it's recommended to use file galleries for images also, and disabling "image galleries" to avoid duplication of feature and to avoid confusion of users). That's how it is configured doc.tw.o, btw, and many other tiki 3.0 sites.

There, when you click on "add another image", the popup window that shows up is the file manager, allowing you to upload one or many files (images, in that case, but they could be any file, in fact). and once uploaded, you can just get hte link to your uploaded file in the server, like http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=21 or http://doc.tikiwiki.org/dl21 in your case, and use it as usual with the {img src=http://domain.org/foo.jpg } tag.

Can you help to update documentation for this, mizraith, please, indicating clearly that this is the behavior in most tiki 3 sites where they set up file galleries to hold images?

to document version-specific info, we use to add content within the PluginVersions.
See Manual Installation for a real example of usage, if needed.

And thanks again for helping to update the docs .

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Thanks for the detail, Xavi. I actually was trying to be helpful with the docs but got snagged in the process of it. I originally thought about using the file gallery (per 3.0) but didn't see anything else similar in the documentation gallery and did not want to pollute it. Per your suggestion, I'll use the gallery from now on. This actually should make consistent documentation easier (if one could simply update the "admin users" image, etc.

So, back to the image insertion. In your image tag (post above) you show the link looking like:

By right-clicking on the attachement in the page and getting the address, I get:

I believe that both of the above work, but man are they somewhat ugly. So, that brings up a few points.

  1. I've done some TikiWiki vs TWiki basic user testing for writing procedures, and our basic user vastly preferred the Tiki 3.0 workflow (WYSIWYG editor with File Galleries). It just made sense to her and wasn't wiki-scary.
    • I'm not sure the method of editing and "Add Another Image" as it is currently implemented (on this site) would work. It came up with a file link instead of an "img" link. File galleries are definitely the way to go.
  2. More Importantly Should I attempt to work on the doc page for Wiki Syntax for Images page found Here ?? This is where I got my info on the img syntax that led me astray.
  3. Do you know of any Tiki effort to simplify the linking syntax for a document attached to a page? Or for simplifying the workflow (e.g. "Insert Link To Attached File"). For an image to a currently attached page, it would be sweet to have something as simple as img src=thispage/myimage.jpg

And finally

  • Am I just running into the documentation chasm (2.4->3.0) for tags and wiki syntax? For instance, I was also having trouble with which tag toc or maketoc tag to use on that page. Ended up using the maketoc (which is different than what the wikihelp bar was inserting)

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For all those following, the Tiki 3.0 File Gallery is definitely a nice workflow for image upload and management. It closely follows the WordPress upload workflow.

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yes, mizraith, use common sense to update whatever pages you consider that need some update, adding version-specific information with that plugin versions (see above).

Avoid attachments if not necessarily needed, just use file galleries for files and images. I heard that the coder of the new file gallery would like to do something similar with attachments (but not on Tiki 3.0)

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