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Re: How to disable "plugin pending approval" feature in 3.0?

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Hi lbmaian:

Yes, it's very annoying (whereas, with the limited human resources to do things better, at least it adds a higher level of security in all tiki 3.x tw sites, while allowing a decentralized way of using those potentially unsafe plugins, and then, it's up to you to decide which group/s of users to want to grant the permission to approve (potentially unsafe) plugin calls.

On the other hand, I've been reading a bunch of messages from you (all?) about the nuisances you find, annoyances, bad feelings, ... Hey, man, enjoy life, and please, remove your life-dirty-glasses! there are tons of nice things in TW project (and elsewhere, for sure), that you could also point out, or thank, not just complain about the things you don't like.

Can I request you to do your best to add the same number of positive messages as well as negative messages?
Otherwise, I can tell you that it's very annoying to read/hear comments from guys only talking about the things that they don't like, etc....

And please, if you can, share a bit of your time to make things better! That's what most of us attempt to do! And Tikiwiki community is very open for that, in many places: coding ( http://dev.tikiwiki.org ), documenting ( http://doc.tikiwiki.org ), helping other users through these forums...

Welcome back to the community, man! (and if possible, taking off you "dirty glasses")