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Wiki appending old versions of content when saving

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This issue started after upgrading from Tiki 2.latest to 3.0.

Whenever an edit of a wiki page is saved the page contains the updated content, and then the old version after that. Basically it is as if the old content were not replaced by the new version but instead just as if the updated version were pasted in front of the old version.

This happens when doing "edit page" but not if doing an "edit section".

Any hint as to what might cause this or in which way I can continue to investigate will be greatly appreciated.

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msuess, I can only say that it also happened to my in a clean 3.0 install.
My workaround (not solution) was rolling back to the first version of the page, and start again.
That was very annoying, and for sure, there must be some bug around, but I haven't been able to reproduce it, unluckily.

Could you please add a bug report and set a high number for it as the importance field?
Cheers, and welcome to Tikiwiki community.smile

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Had the same after upgrading from 2.4 to 3, we had to roll back too. However after playing around here is what I found out: switch off "Ajax" and "HTML purifier" among the experimental features. For us after this all is ok after upgrading. First I suspected staging and approval caused this, still not sure, now all 3 are switched off and things seem to be working fine.

I think it is something around Ajax, hope it helps and please post if you find out something more specific,
many thanks,

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