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Login only by reset email

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I hope someone out there can help me. This is driving me nuts...and it is humbling, too.

I just installed tikiwiki 3.1 on a CentOS 5.2 box. I cannot log in except to reset the password. I reset the password, and try to log in with the new pasword...nothing. I created another user, same issue. I can log in through the reset email, and that is it. If I were to disable that, I am afraid I'd be out of luck.

My setup is pretty vanilla: nothing kinky, honest. I am using CentOS 5.2, tikiwiki 3.1, php 5.1.6, mysql 5.0.45, apache 2.2.3. I am using Tiki authentication, only. I have php set in php.ini to log every error in /var/log--nothing. Like I said, the only way I can log in is if I reset the password, and log in through the email I receive.

Today, I started fresh, a totally new database, totally new tikiwiki install. The tikiuser in mysql has been granted all for the tikidb. The install went flawlessly with no errors.


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I have the same problem here.

I've long had a TikiWiki installation, and just upgraded my 2.X to 3.0. I was able to login a few times as admin after the upgrade because I got the DB version warning, and I performed a DB upgrade.

I don't believe it is related to the DB upgrade, but now admin, and normal users, cannot login.

My symptoms are:
1 - access /wiki/wiki-login.php
2 - redirected to /wiki/wiki-login_scr.php
3 - I enter username/pass
4 - /wiki/wiki-login_scr.php refreshes, this time, the username is not an input field, but indicates the user entered in #3, the password is an input field.
5 - re-enter password and the process repeats at #4

I went poking into my tiki_preferences db table and my auth_method is "tiki".
Nothing shows up in my webserver error logs.
If I go through the "recover password" steps, I can log in a normal user using the provided link. But, cannot login via the wiki-login_scr.php steps.

Does anyone have suggestions of what else to try?

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No idea, just a guess. Ensure that you are not using an old theme style not updated to 3.x.
Change the theme style to thenews or strasa.
In case your old theme was using a non-updated tiki-login_scr.tpl (or similar), this would (should) enforce you to use the standard one.
If no luck with this tip, no idea myself.

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Any idea in which DB table the theme is set/selected? I can't login as admin, so I must use phpMyAdmin to try this.

Is it, perhaps, tiki_preferences: site_style?

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Update: I found both style and site_style in the table tiki_preferences. Both were set to "simple.css". I changed both to "strasa.css". This had no effect on my site sytel (I looked at the source to the generated HTML and there are still links to styles/simple.css). It is not a cache/proxy issue - I used "wget --no-proxy" to verify that.

Are there additional steps to manually perform when changing the style directly in the database?

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Last update from me - after a period of time, a new fetch of a page on my site brought in "stasa.css". My theme was updated, and my logins were successful.

In summary, the solution steps were:

1 - Use phpMyAdmin to edit the tiki_preferences table
2 - Change site_style, and style, to a valid style name for your particular TikiWiki release - for 3.0, try "strasa.css".
3 - Wait some period of time for the style update to take place. It probably took about an hour for me.

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you got it!
Glad, that was not that difficult at the end, then. :-)
Happy learning, and don't forget to read the Documentation as much as possible, until you reach the point that youo can improve it wink