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Architecture / Installation

Blank screen after upgrade

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After successfully running TikiWiki 2.4 for 6 months, I decided to upgrade to 3.1.

I uploaded the tar.gz to my webhost where I have root privileges on a virtual host. I untarred 3.1 and then copied all files in the 3.1 directory to the old directory (tikidir).

I then ran .setup.sh (username) (groupname), deleted the "lock" file in the db directory and ran tiki-install.php. This proceeded successfully - php memory showing 32MB - and database connection validated. I then clicked on "Enter Tiki as admin and lock". From that point all I get is a blank screen, no matter what TikiWiki file I try to access.

Even when I try to access non-existent TikiWiki files, I still get just a blank screen. I get the blank screen in Mandriva Linux 2008.1 running Firefox and in Windows XP running IE.

Any suggestions?

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did you perform the db upgrade? (I guess yes, but you didn't report that in your message)

Ensure you followed all the steps reported here, just in case: upgrade2to3 using 3.1 directly.

Other options: try cleaning manually the temporal folders (./tmp/cache, ./templates_c , ./modules/cache ).

And in case you were using a highly customized theme, try removing the record related to your theme style selection (search for *.css in tiki_preferences table at your mysql db) so that it uses the default theme style.

Finally, check that your host meets the Requirements for tiki 3: php5, mainly, afaik.

HTH. And please, report back when you solve it....

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I got it sort of fixed.

I am on a virtual host and was using the command line offered by that system which gives root access, sort of.

I was able to successfully upgrade when i used sftp and ssh instead of the "root" access offered by the webhost. Then I performed all the actions listed in the upgrade instructions and now I can at least see a display.

The new problem is that, rather than displaying the menu on the left side and the home page (tiki-forums.php in this case), the menu is displayed under the forums. And the home page doesn't display automatically.

When I go to the "General" feature in hopes of setting the custom home to "tiki-forums.php", that menu appears on the right and is only partially visible, so I am unable to click on the button that changes the customer home page setting.

Same with "Look and Feel".

The theme is tikineat. The website is www.omahacopwatch.com if you want to view it.

Should I take this to a different forum?

Suggestions appreciated.

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get blank page after successfully following instructions on auto-install.

need help with install on:
apache2.0,PHP5.2.5,MySQL5.0.45(installed with WebDeveloperSuite)
all other applications MediaWiki, Joomla, Drupal, other php web apps work fine!
i want to install TikiWiki in it's own folder under a folder called webapps
this is not under the localhost root folder(this is where the main company's intranet site runs)
ie: http://intranet/tikiwiki/

p.s.: installed successfully on localhost using xampp for windows
tikiwiki was installed in its own folder.
ie: http://localhost/tikiwiki/

please help!

thank you.

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Hi kbarsom, and welcome to Tikiwiki Community smile

This looks like a very low memory_limit setting in your php.ini. Look for that file in the WebDeveloperSuite (or wherever it is in your intranet apache or php installation files), and ensure you have at least 32 Mb there. See the documentation faqs for more information:


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