Translating menus

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I hacre created a new menu and added it to a user module. While creating the menu the first option I chose was the Home Page and he others I gave names like 'People' 'Direction' etc.

When I choose another language ,say french, then the Home Page changes as expected but my new entries in the menu do not. The words People would appear in the language files so how can I get them translated?

This would avoid having to create several menus for the same thing.

Any ideas?

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Hi Marc

Thanks for the reply.
Yes its what I expected. When I defined the menu and then the options of the menu, I used words that I expected to be translated.
The Home Page option was created from 'Show Quick URLS' and that does get translated. The other words that I place in the Name: field remain in English. What could be the difference between adding using 'Show Quick URLs' and adding by hand with the URL being a Wiki page?

Cheers for any feedback

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Don't the terms to be translated need to be inside translation tags, like {tr}People{/tr}? This is true for templates; I assume it is for menus also.

-- Gary

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Gary, I tried you're idea and it didnt work . I see the tr tags in the menu.

However I did get some results as Marc suggests. in spanish for example Information get translated but it doesnt in Italian or German

It's possible that the lang files are not as complete as I first thought

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Dear luna:

You need to add the new words to the language.php of the language/s you are interested in.
If I add a new menu entry "Moon", it will not get translated to any other language unless that word appears as a new line at the corresponding language.php file translated accordingly.
Add by hand as many new lines to that file as needed in order to have those strings translated.

And please, if this works for you, could you please add that information at the Documentation? (wherever you would have expected to find it)

Thanks in advanced! :-)

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Yep, but editing language.php is not very much usable.

If we provide the noob user the possibility of creating a menu in wysiwyg, we should not surprise him afterwards by forcing him to go edit system files.

Also, it might be argued that language.php should be kept for standard TW features, and would be polluted by custom menus, most of which will never be used by other TW users.

The solution is to provide a GUI for the webmaster to tarnslate custom menus, and to store that in a separate file.