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Wysiwig on test : the bottom of text area when scroll is black

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type content : Problem, way to go around and way to a solution

I test all functions including those that are not finalized.

In WISIWIG text editing WIKI obtained in circumstances that I can not confirm a black stripe down screen that is as "background" black is the text typed exists in this area (the HTML source and WIKI show no error).

This bizarre phenomenon seems to occur as long texts> 1500C.

After a complement of analysis :

  • This black strip is beyond the bottom of the area and appears with the vertical scroll
  • This black strip is fixed : when you add text upon the bottom lines disappears under the black
  • If you change the background color of the text you can see it
  • No problem and temporary solution if you go to "fullscreen" (fullwindow) edit
  • no problem with edit "source"

Consequence : the bug is in the color set of background-color-area when window background has the same color (light blue) as text-background-color with the scroll effect. The color area don't follow the scroll... css option ?

I hope to have provided informations to go straight to the bug.

Best regards

posts: 48 France


I have previously prepared an answer, but I can see now than the message has been lost before to be sent. (A firefox crash supposed on filter of bugs track : test to repeat)

I redact a bug tracker and had the time to find the solution of the problem and precise the conditions and cases when the problem occurs.

It can be found, with comments at track ticket ref :


Nota: In my optiion a "filter" by ticket N° should be a good solution to reference and access to a bug than the necessity to give the complete URL.
Too the filter could be "multi" so if you know the author and a keyword of the subject you could find quickly the "bug messages".
I Will create an interface development item on this subject.

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