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Registration error since upgrade.

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Since upgrading from version 2 to version 3 of TW no one can register.
Here is the error message I get.
Ive updated the data base twice with no success.

Any help would be appreciated as how to solve the problem.

Cheers, Allan

An error occured in a database query!
Your database requires an update to match the current TikiWiki version. Please proceed to the installer. Using Tiki with an incorrect database version usually provoke errors.

File tiki-register.php
Url tiki-register.php
select * from `tiki_modules` where (`type` is null or `type` != 'h') order by `ord` asc
MySQL server has gone away
Built query was probably:
select * from `tiki_modules` where (`type` is null or `type` != 'h') order by `ord` asc

posts: 16

I managed to sort it out by reading other posts....redface

The problem was in the registration page settings, I had all the validate boxes checked rather than just one of them.

Thanks for your time..

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just in case, ensure also that your hosting meets the server Requirements (mysql 5+, at least)
and welcome to Tikiwiki Community! :-)

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