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Link pages to TOC's

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Hi all,

I want to link pages to a TOC but cannot find out how to do this??
I first made a structure and connected a few pages with it and I can see the structure and the pages. But now when I go to my tiki and click on the links to get to the pages I get an error that the pages don't exist?

All I want is to link the TOC links to my document-pages.

Anyone who knows what I should do to get it working?
Thanks in advance,

Rgrds, Klaas

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Hi Klass again !
If you’ve just created the structure, then using a toc tag in the structure's root page, a full table of contents for the entire structure will be created there.
Please read plugin toc documentation.

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Hi Rogelio, thanks for your reply.

I am aware of the TOC component and how to put this in de main page of the wiki and also I have read the documentation. The problem is that when the structure is created and the structure is displayed as links, that when I click on such a link I get an error like : "The requested URL /tikitest/&page_ref_id=3 was not found on this server". I would like to know how to connect my pages to these links or the settings that is keeping it from it.

Rgds, Klaas

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1. Structures are displayed as links on page Structures (“/tiki-admin_structures.php”).
2. Pages belonging to a structure are displayed as links on page Modify Structure (“/tiki-edit_structure.php”). Here you may add new pages and reorganize the pages of a structure.

I also suggest you to watch this demo movie.


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and try disabling the SEF (Clean urls) option, just in case

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