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fulltext index question

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I am trying to get MySQL to use three-letter words in fulltext search.

Does anyone know how to rebuild fulltext indexes? I am a little confused by the differences between tiki.sql and fulltext.sql. tiki.sql declares a key on (pageName, description, data). Does a key automatically create an index? Whereas fulltext.sql, which seems to be really old, creates an index using only pageName and description.

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You might be better mailing UserPageredflo on this, he's out search guru. If you do can you post back here with the answer so that its here for the record biggrin



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FullTextSearch contains my brute force solution which is to first change my.cnf, dump the database to a flat file, drop the database, create it again, and import the dump file. Kind of a simple solution, don't know why I hadn't thought of it earlier.

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Due to db abstraction i had to rewrite full text search in tiki. The old system used mysql fulltext indexes and mysql specific sql commands.
The reworked fulltext search does background scanning of content and has a intellegent indexing algorithm. Indexes don't need to be rebuild, they continously rebuild themselfes.
So what you have to do:
Try the module "search_new" . It's avalible since 1.8.

It's not perfect, but it works.