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Tracker plugin and fields

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Hi All,
Im trying to create a wiki page as a front end to add data to a tracker. As a test Ive created a TPL (dataentry tpl) with the following code:

Entrance Name{$f_25}
Cave System{$f_24}
Cave Name{$f_21}
Cave Number{$f_61}
Alternate Name{$f_62}

and created a wiki page containing:

{TRACKER(trackerId=5,wiki=dataentry tpl)}{TRACKER})

The fields all populate fine, but the layout is messed up. Ive attached a screenshot of how the boxes and text look. If I pull out the text and just leave th field boxes they are still spaced unevenly

The tracker fields are all text fields with no options set apart from a few are mandatory fields. The fields all appear fine if I dont set the wiki flag in the tracker plugin.

Any ideas. (Using TW5 and the Business Theme)



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Looks like it is due to a field being flagged mandatory

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hi kurtJ, no idea why mandatory field does that.
But did you try adding the extra "colwidth" param?
See the documentation for details: PluginTracker (it seems to define the width of the first column)
Maybe 40% would do?

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Hi Xavi,
unfortunately colwidth didnt affect it. As soon as the field is flagged mandatory the text appears above the box instead of beside it.

Thanks for you help.



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Looks like there might be an issue when using a tracker wiki template with mandatory fields. Can you upgrade to 5.1 and see if this was resolved?

Another option is to not show the mandatory fields in the tracker, and instead add a note in the template as to which fields are required.


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Hey Rick,
Ive just added some text to say what is mandatory in the template. Might try the 5.1 upgrade during the week.

Cheers for your help


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