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Features / Usability

Besides linking to tiki-admin_structures, is there a simple way to list structures for users (non-admins)?

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Folks have gone to some trouble to create structured documents (i.e., structures), and it would be great to present the list of documents to plain-old-users (i.e., not admins or otherwise privileged), since plain-old-users are the audience for these documents.

Is there a simple way to do this, so the listing automatically updates itself?

I was using a link to tiki-admin_structures, but there is a display bug that pushes left modules down and makes right modules invisible. (There is another forum entry about this.)

In other words, as structures are added, updated, removed, is there a way to present the current list, without needing to constantly edit some sort of list of links?

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I think the short answer is "no" :-(

You could create a category specifically for "Structures", and then create a Wiki page that uses the "{CATEGORY}" plugin to list all Structures that are in that category. I don't know if that would work for you. It's not a perfect solution but it works as long as each structure is added to the category when first created. On the downside the users won't actually be able to browse each Structure on that Wiki page but at least they'd all be in one place (and not on tiki-admin_structures).

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Hi Susan and Darkbee:

Another workaround would be to create all structures within a common parent structure.
Then, you can list the table of contents of a child structure tweaking the table of contents (i.e. toc), so that it only displays the children of that substructure.

Does it help? Did you understand what I mean?

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Thanks, yes, I did think of that, and that may be the simplest solution. My main concern is that when someone deletes a 'page' with sub-pages, everything from the root page down is deleted as well. I did this myself, early on, and discovered I was not able to recover the deleted material. So I re-entered it. It would be tragic to delete a root for all structures...


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In version 10.0:
{listpages showNameOnly="y" structHead="y" sort="pageName_asc"}