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Conditional Tacker notification

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What I am trying to work out is this:
Tracker is Edited, possibly through a wiki Template.
User ticks possible selection.
Email of the tracker changes accordingly.

Trackers have the notification Email at the Tracker creation level, but I would like to be able to construct an email at the form level, so if 2 tick boxes are selected, then the email address associated to those would be concatenated together.
I only want to inform the specific user if the option is selected, otherwise, I don't want them to receive spam.
Additionally, to be able to show or hide fields based on the onscreen selection would also be good. I may need to play with the templates and a bit of ajax/tag manipulation to do this.
Thanks for any guidance.

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Hi cyberience and welcome to Tiki Community! smile

You can use the field category on a tracker, and it will shown its child categories as checkboxes.
In addition, you can tell your users to monitor categories for changes. This way, when someone select that option in the checkbox options in the tracker form (category), they will get notified by email.

The emails sent from trackers are not easily modifiable so far (I'm after this, looking for a coder to allow it).

to be able to show or hide fields based on the onscreen selection would also be good

Yes, I fully agree. It's not done yet.
I've been suggested to have a look at JQuery API (see PluginJQ ), but didn't go anywhere yet.

Hope this helps, and please, report back if you manage to succeed in the Jquery world!

Cheers, and welcome again

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I find it hard to believe that someone believes category transitions is a replacement for workflow. Obviously must be a Guy having a man period.
We need the ability to assign people based on a selection, so for example. user selects I want internet selection, then the group or category related to that selection will send an approval request to that user associated to that category or user. but to ask the user to subscribe, especially in an organization that lays down the rules in advance is not sensible.

For the hide and show. I think a possible workaround is:
You can put HTML in the description box, using the field ID or field name, eg id="track_184" name="track184"
means we can do a script segment, but the ability to place a function call against a tracker field for some basics like onclick onmouseout etc are not available to us, which makes it tricky.

So I guess these 2 options are on a backburner, and people should stop searching for an answer until it is added to a future version.

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