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Semantic Link Plugin

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likewise to the http://doc.tiki.org/PluginBacklinks" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Plugin_Backlinks I desperately seek for a way how to list all pages that link to a specific page in a specific semantic relationship.

The semantic_links module is supposed to enable views on semantic relationships.
And indeed, when selecting a semantic type and push the button "show usage", the result shown is exactly what I need.
However this view is only possible for admins.

But since semantics is essential for wikis, there must be a way to automatically list all pages that are in a specific relationship.

So, relating to the example shown in the documentation of http://doc.tiki.org/Semantic+Admin" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Semantic Admin dogs and cats are subsets of animals.
We want the page "animals" to list all subsets by a plugin likewise to

{SEMANTICLINKS (semantictype=subset, page=animals, info=hits|user, noheader=1}

The result would be:
- dogs
- cats

Does something like that exist?
Thank you so much

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I am not aware that it exists but it sounds like a great idea!

I hope we can get better in this area

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Thanks for the quick answer.
I would rate this plugin as a highly important one to get the feature of semantic links in tiki started.
If there is - besides the admin view - really no other way to get the semantic relations listed, no one else can get advantage of semantic links and will make no efforts in setting semantic relations.

Existing plugins ShowPages / ListPages / SearchTitles do not work for that aim, so the only workaround I could image would be to tag the pages "dogs" and "cats" with the a tag "subset-animal" and than use freetags plugin for a listing dogs and cats in the animal wikipage - likewise to the status tags in this tiki. However, that sounds like a bad abuse of tags, since we already got that information saved in our semantic links relationship - we just need to get it readable.

Since in wikis it's all about information relations, is there anyone out there who is able and willing to build a plugin like "semanticlink" as explained above? Do you all agree on essentiality in regard to semantic wikis? Shall we put it on the wishlist?

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Hi Seb:

Nice proposal.
In the meantime, you might like to explore using Category trees (or subcategory trees, with all the children that you need), and you can use PluginCategory (as far as I know) to list the objects in the children categories of that category id that you set in your plugincategory call, etc.

And other plugins can be filtered by category (and its children, if enhanced in a similar to what it's done in plugin category), I think (PluginListPages, ...).

In case you want to explore this possibility, in the meantime, while you look for a coder to "scratch your itch".