Re: Re: Newbie Question: How to insert Chinese characters in an English document

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Darkbee, remember that any problem related to charsets, should be fixed properly everywhere, in case you want to fix (or suggest others to fix) manually.

Afaik, there are three places to convert Tiki to successfully use utf-8 everywhere:
(1) Database collation
(2) Database tables
(3) Content of all db tables.

when you do that through running an upgrade with the tiki-install.php (in Tiki 5.1+), tiki can do the three things for you.
If you do them manually, you can fairly easily do (1) (as you say above), do (2) by changing all tables to utf-8 (a bit tedious with phpmyadmin), but for (3) there doesn't seem to be an easy way, other than the built-in process in tiki-install.php

So please, keep this in mind when you answer to other people, or when you have a look at the Documenation pages in order to ensure that they are updated with the latest procedures in case someone wants to do things manually for some reason.


(and thanks for your growing support to other users in tw forums! much appreciated! smile )