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Re: Need help with user pages

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dkniffin wrote:


I want to make it so when a user get's created, he/she has a user page that is automatically filled in with some default information.

I've been told might this be a bit complicated, but I'm willing to try. Can someone help?


As the typical viewed Page is actually a composite page, you could create your "default info" section as a new page.

Have the new page include any variables you need ( , , , ) then edit the Template for the default User: page to include your new page as content.

I would additionally recommend saving the Template as a new template and changing which Template the User Page reads from ... (to avoid template clashes after an upgrade).

[Side Note] If you have switched on SEFURL and "Prevent Special Characters in Page names" then


will not work ... change the default prefix to


and your linkage will work again :-)