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Yet another Maketoc prob

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I did read through the previous posts in regards to Maketoc problems not working.

I'm using v.6.2
It used to work. i.e. I created a lot of maketoc and the TOC do show.
The prob (new as far as I know) is that the links to these *local hyperlinks* dont work.

For example, if you go to:

the short url with a local link works fine:


Where as in my case, on my site, the same local (mouse over) shows:

http://tv.tiki.org/#This_lists_all_video_clips_available_on_Tiki (without the directory page), therefore bringing users to home page.

I checked the wysiwyg settings, here they are:

Wysiwyg Editor is optionalchecked
Wysiwyg Editor is displayed by defaultunchecked
Reopen with the same editorchecked
Content is parsed like wiki pagechecked
Content is partially wiki parsedunchecked
Use Wiki syntax in WYSIWYGunchecked
All releted featuresUnchecked

Any reason why it used to work and now it doesn't?