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Dominic wrote:
Dominic wrote:

HI larryg, could you point me in the direction of that fix for mutiple pages print including TOC and MAKETOC syntax? I'm having trouble finding it.

Does it fix what I assume is a similar problem with BACKLINKS syntax?

I am not familiar with the backlinks issue, so cannot answer that question. I posted the fix in this forum back on 3 DEC 2009. I am about to upgrade to v7.1, so I will need to edit the tikilib.php file again. Let me know if you are interested - I will send you the changes for 6.x or 7.x

Hi larryg:

I'm also interested in that fix! (I didn't know that someone knew how to fix it)

For curiosity, why didn't you commit the fix to the subversion repositories of tiki code? (wiki way of doing most stuff in tiki development + communication in tikiwiki-devel list)

If interested (I hope so), see dev: Commit

Alternatively, I'll do my best to commit your fix (once I see that it works for me) to svn.