Changing body font in Milkyway theme.

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The font size for text in the body of blog posts, wiki pages and elsewhere is rather small in Milkyway. I've poked around in Edit CSS and changed

font-size............. : .76em !important

...to .89 and that seems to work but what does the "!important" mean?. Have I just screwed something else up? I see that all over in the theme. Can I ignore it or should I reset back to .76?


Hi Unclegeo,

Using !important gives a CSS rule a stronger effect (in the sense that lower-down rules won't override it). I don't recall why !important is used with this font-size rule. We're trying to eliminate !important's in our stylesheets as they should be used only as a last resort, and in fact some people say if you are using !important in CSS rules then you're not doing things right, and generally speaking it's true that usually a rule can be given sufficient strength by using a more-specific context, etc.

When you change the font size as you did and if you don't notice any bad effects, then the change should be fine. I'm not sure offhand what the impact would be of eliminating the !important from the body font size rule; font size rules further down the cascade are supposed to overrule it anyway (being set for a specific page area, etc., so you'd think there shouldn't be an !important on a high-level element like body, but until the stylesheet is reviewed overall it's best to leave it as is.

I'll review the !important's in milkyway.css in the next overall check/update for the file, as using !important really isn't good practice. (Original Joomla version here for comparison - no !important used, which is further motivation to remove it in the Tiki version. ;-) )

-- Gary

United States


I've been using Tiki now since I think V1 and have had the benefit of your help many times. Once again you have helped and explained a good deal and I very much appreciate it.

I'm not a programmer but I've been using Tiki long enough that I do watch the forum postings and help where my meager knowledge can be of use. I encourage others to do the same.

A great deal of thanks must go to you and all the folks who actually make the Tiki machine run! Your awesomeness cannot be denied!


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