Milkyway theme drop-down menu not working in v8.1 - SOLVED

Trying to migrate my site from v6.1 to v8.1 while remaining with the Milkyway theme.

Initial error was with the module.tpl file line 60 "' not expected". Reference line 60: {assign var=name value=`icnmod-$module_name|cat:$module_position|cat:$module_ord|escape`}
Removed those two ' and the error went away.

Now the theme seems to be working properly except for the Milkyway "pill" enclosed drop-down menu. None of the graphics for the pills are evident. Tried Milkyway under Tiki v7.x and observed the same problem.

Is anyone successfully using Milkway under v7 or 8? Did you have to do anything special?

Thanks in advance,



I can confirm that the Milky Way theme works as expected in Tiki 7, and I updated it for Tiki 8 so at least in my local test installation it was working properly, including the menu. You are using the updated theme files from the mods depository (links at themes.tiki.org), right?

(The Milkyway theme isn't installed correctly at themes.tiki.org, by the way. I'm not sure what the problem is but it seems like old files are still being used there.)

I'll double-check the theme on some other Tiki 8 sites, but I can tell you I've had problems with custom (user) modules at at least one hosting company's servers, as the "eval" function isn't supported there, for security reasons, and custom modules use this; the workaround that worked for Tiki 7 doesn't work at that server for Tiki 8. So it might be necessary to use the menupage module instead of a custom module at any server where custom module data doesn't display for this reason. In this case, the module data, such as the Milkyway menu's HTML code, can be put in a wiki page instead and displayed with a menupage module. I'll document that specifically if it seems to be necessary.

-- Gary


Maybe I just needed reassurance that Milkyway was working correctly...

I revisited my test site, re-created the Milky_topbar_menu module, adjusted other modules as indicated in the tiki 7.1 instructions, and re-inserted the ' single quotes ' in the module.tpl file line 60.

Happy to report that Milkway is now working properly in my test environment (which is ubuntu v10.10).

Thanks or your help,


Going to rebuild from the Tiki 6.2 backup and start over...


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