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Re: Media Player Plugin - Windows Media is required to view this media.

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Hello hrsms;

Thank you for writing and asking the question.

My name is Daniel. I have some knowledge about Media Players, yet I'm learning more and more as I am developing my own site and one of the person who is looking after the TV server project on Tiki.

hrsms, Windoz Media is a container and your post seems to make me understand your trying to embed a video file on your tiki.

The Media Player pluggin is like a container. Of course, because Windows Media (by Microsoft) is a proprietary container it will not work. It's like if your trying to fit one Media Player (look at the Plugin Media Player as a container) within another media player.

However, since your question is vague, what I suggest is that you reformulate the problem your facing so we can help you. What is the problem your experiencing?
Perhaps some screen capture pages of what you see may be helpfull to understand your difficulty.

We did some tests with the proprietary file WMV (which is the file compression codecs mostly used by Windows Media) and it worked fine.
Hope this helps and sorry for taking so long to answer you.