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Re: Uploading Images

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Unclegeo, upgrade to latest stable version of Tiki (currently 8.x), or prepare the upgrade to the next 9.0 (that will become LTS in a few months). I'm using pre9.0 in some sites for production and it's pretty stable already, besides a few already known bugs, so it's a good candidate to start testing your upgrade to it in the following months (and stay with it for a few years if you want stability).

Tiki 7.x is outdated and deprecated.

Once that is said, I would suggest you to ensure that you are not using the ajax uploader. wincel has that activated, it seems, in his website, and his problem might be related to other things than yours.

Many of us are taking benefit from the icon in the toolbar to upload images in 3 clicks, as Ricks very well pointed out, and described in his documentation sites.

Any way that we can have a look at your site, to try to help you better with your problem?