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Multiselect filter from tracker

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I set up a tracker, basically consisting of news articles of the form

headline (Type: Text Field)
link (Type: url)
tags (Type: Multiselect)

Tags are things like politics, sports and weather. These are the options of Multiselect. I can display the tracker inside a wiki page, but now I want to let users choose which tags they want to activate and deactivate to display just the tag related articles.

How does filtering due to Multiselect options work and how is it made interactive?

posts: 249 Germany

With help from the users' mailing list:

Use a Tiki category 'tagging' (or other name) and select "Multiple-selection check-boxes". Add a Tiki child category for each topic you want to tag. Use the ID of category 'tagging' as "Parent Category".

The output is quite that what I wanted.

Filtering "Multiselect" field type leads to an error:
tracker field type not processed yet M