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Intertiki client new users

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I've been trying to create new users on my Tiki (which is the client of another Tiki) and as soon as the user clicks on the registration link the user disappears from the user list and they get an: XMLRPC Error: 101 - Invalid username or password error.

Why are the users disappearing in the first place?

I've tried the reverse where I've created a user on the Server Tiki, but then the validation is for that Tiki rather than the Client Tiki. And that one stays, but then the user has somewhat access to the Server Tiki which is not what I'm looking for.

Essentially what I need is:

(Server)         |           (Client)
//--------Shared Admin Userbase----------//
Local Userbase   |     Local Userbase

And I can't seem to do that on the client side.

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Hi Matthew,

it works somekind opposit around.

Not digging too deep now, it is basically the way, that all users apart from the superuser 'admin' are registered and managed by only the master-Tiki.

Registration should be off by default on the client sites.

Usergroups can have different permissions on different sites - that is the key for what you want to achieve.

A Registered user at the master-Tiki should have no permissions different than an Anonymous user, but you can apply him/her to mor groups.

There are different options according to group management and Intertiki. Afaik you can autoimport master-groups into the client Tiki clients with or without overwriting/deleting the old ones.

So you either could set the groups in the master, but all client-only groups have no permissions on the master.
After first login of a group member the groups(s) appear in the client and then you can set general group permissions, category permissions etc.

There should be an optional configuration, where you can add extra groups at the client site independantly from the master groups and apply users to those groups after first login ... but you have to play with this by yourself from that point on.

So Intertiki in short:

  • every Tiki master or client has it's own fallback user "admin"
  • all other users will be autodeleted in the clients, if not existing in the master
  • user appear in the client after first login, if they exist in the master
  • => client authenticates "against the master"
  • no registration on client sites
  • grouppermissions (general-group / category-group / object-group) can be different on each client and on the master
  • => for. ex. group A can be admins on client A, editors on client B and visitors on client C, if Group A gets applied different permissions on the three clients

I hope I could help you a bit,


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Thanks for that Torsten. I was guessing that's what I had to do. I'll have to communicate that to my higher-ups and see if Intertiki will be the right solution.

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