Tiki and PluginR

Tiki and PluginR

Some bug fixes and a few enhancements in PluginR v 0.78

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Some bugs have been fixed concerning the cache in some wiki pages (.RData saved in the right folder nowadays).

And some changes:

  1. loadandsave is enabled by default, so that each wiki page will share r objects by default between different calls in the same page, or across wiki pages sharing the same itemId
  2. some new params have been added:
    • echo
      to help printing out the commands that are to be executed.
    • a few others to offer control about the display of that code block:
      • wrap
        to bend long lines inside the echo'ed section
      • caption
        to add some title inside a box at the top of the echo'ed section
      • ln
        to add line numbering in the echo'ed section
      • colors
        to choose the highlighting syntax to be used (in this case, you can use colors="r")

These params are borrowed from PluginCode, so you can read more about them at its documentation page: