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Re: Gary's question

What page do you want to put the screen capture image on?

A: I want to know if this screen capture can be usefull and if yes, where can I place it in the documentation area (structure). What I mean here Gary is that I see that pianoliv is doing some cleaning in the documentation. Therefore, if he is cleaning up documentation pages, where would this screen capture showing a "menu panel" would fit so that I can add it myself and document it

The rest of your explanation is cristal clear

Re: Torsten's question

What you mean? what bottom text messages?
I meant just that: the bottom text messages refers to the two text labels

Re: Both

Skype would be better.
What I want to do gentleman is a webcast that explains what are the different components of this screen capture.

What I thought of is simple.

First: We speak over skype.

(In the case of Gary, I'll send you a personal msg prior to speaking live)

When we will speak over skype, you'll explain to me what are the different functionalities a tiki administrator has to know about the Menu System so that I can record a screen cast using the Kaltura ScreenCast UI.

Second: We record
I'd like to do a little video of it where we see and hear explanation

Third: Publish in the documentation section (once I know where would this screen capture should be located)

My skype handle is: alittlehelpfrom