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Re: Create a book

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Not as such, as far as I know. There were some people working in this direction some time ago, but I'm not sure if there was some new code produced somewhere (not in tiki svn main codebase in sourceforget.net)

The basic feature is through Structures, and then, you can print all pages from the structure in one go into a single html. And from there, you can create your pdf by a local desktop application, after fine tuning your document, for instance (footer, header, page numbers, etc). That's how we produced the former documentation book for Tiki 1.9 years ago:

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In addition to structures, you should also look at Tiki's Multiprint and Print Index features. Both allow you to take a set of Tiki pages and generate a printer-pretty file (which you can then easily use a browser-based plugin to convert to PDF or save as HTML to convert to ebook.


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