Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

blank page on installation step 4

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hey tikianers

im new in to tiki wiki and i got some problems setting it up. couldn't find anything about my specific problems in the FAQ..

Tiki 9.7
PHP 5.5

I try to install tiki wiki with the tiki-install.php
on step 4 Database connection i get a white blank page and thats it. i can't get it to work

any idea


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Hi Xavi

thanks for your reply.
Of course i did the server check before i posted here.
so i set the limit already to 512MB.
the important parts in the servercheck are green, so i should be alright on that... :-(

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it must something else. The installer doesn't use that much memory. 128MB should be way more than enough (also for most normal use cases with Tiki small and medium sized sites)

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yeah i know..
now i tried the webinstaller from microsoft which installs php and the wiki 9.6 version, with that one it works, but i dont really like installers because the php is now under c:\Program Files\X86...... and its just not configured how it should be :-(

do you have any reservations and concerns of using a automated installer like microsoft Webplattform installer in a productiv environment (We using it in the company for a knowledgebase)?


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no idea, sorry. I don't use ms windows environments since too many years ago.