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Multiple Footnotes

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I am trying to footnote a document, and have basic functionality down.

Now, there happens to be three different types of footnotes on my page, One by the Author, another by the Translator and another set by a Expert.

Its paramount to the meaning of what is said that it is obvious who it is that has made the footnote.

Right when I use footnotes, it mixes them all together.

Does anyone know of a solution for this? This is what I imagined I needed:

In Blume's outdated view, the Classic period of music{FOOTNOTE()}Sometimes dated from 1740 to 1828, from when C.P.E. Bach began service in the court of Frederick the Great to when Schubert died. {FOOTNOTE} used rhythm "with the finest nuance and sensibility,"{FOOTNOTE(par="1")}Friedrich Blume, ''Classic and Romantic Music: a Comprehensive Survey'', trans. M.D. Herter Norton (New York: W.W. Norton and Co., Inc., 1970), p. 133.{FOOTNOTE} whereas Schubert and the Romantics often used rhythm in repetitive, stereotyped patterns.{FOOTNOTE()}''Ibid''.{FOOTNOTE} It is now recognized that those features of Schubert's work which give us such pleasure rest on a magnificently conceived and executed sense of tonal architecture. Duplicate footnotes section: This is to show examples of the sameas {FOOTNOTE(par="2")}{FOOTNOTE} and check duplicates {FOOTNOTE(par="3")}''Ibid''.{FOOTNOTE}


{FOOTNOTEAREA(par="1"title="Author's Footnotes") /} {FOOTNOTEAREA(par="2"title="Translators Footnotes") /} {FOOTNOTEAREA(par="3"title="Experts Footnotes") /}

Thanks so much guys. Really hope to find a solution to this problem I have been thinking about.

posts: 84435

Thanks for the suggestion on the author plugin, but footnote is closer two what I need.

I guess I have two option-

modify footnote and footnotearea to do what I want

enclose each footnote in a div and use sytlesheets to try to make the reference obvious.

If I were to modify the plugins I would need to:

1. Make an option for how the numbers show, decimal, letter, roman numerals

2. Create a title for the footnotearea plugin, to allow a description of why type of footnote it is.

3. create an option in the footnote plugin to accept a variable to distinguish it from the rest.

hmm... maybe.