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Re: Re: Tiki conditional (drill down) dropdowns with Dynamic Items List

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Hi fakemoth:

Sorry I couldn't look at your replies last week. We have been rather busy with the TikiFestT13Alpha, which was held last week.

Today I finally got a chance to have a look:

  • Dynamic items list allows to link two fields, but not three.
    • It's not coded to link three, and yes, it would be lovely that it was possible, but it isn't with current code.
    • FYI: I first requested this feature 4 years ago to a developer, but it was complicated for the little budget I had left to pay that consultant to do some improvements for me. And it seems that nobody else was interested enough in this feature to have it coded during these last years.
    • Maybe you are able to have a coder implement this for you/all? Here you have a list of consultants where you could request more detailed help:

I hope this helps.