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Re: Can Tiki...?

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Hi Timo, and welcome to the Tiki Community! smile

> -Can Tiki have more tabs than the standard tabs article/talk/read/Edit/View history ?

Not by default in php/tpl scripts. You would need to edit your tpl's to extend it with new tabs etc. See http://dev.tiki.org/Hello+World

> -I want to create a page for each input in my database, is it possible to automate the creations of these pages?

Yes, but this requires advanced knowledge with the usage of Trackers.

> -Forms: is it possible to 'freeze' the model of forms so that noone except an administrator can t change it?

Yes, you have several ways to change permissions globally or per tracker, so that only mambers of a groups have certain permissions, and other groups have lower level of permissions, etc. See Permissions

> -Is it possible to 'freeze' a part of a page so that noone except an administrator can t change it?

Nope as such, but there are workarounds to get a similar behavior:

  1. Convert your ordered sections in a wiki page into a series or ordered wiki pages within the same "Wiki Structure", and refine permms with the page you want.
  2. Regardless of whether using structures or just different pages out of the same structure, you can create a main wiki page to work as a "master document" (in terminology of Office suites such as LibreOffice, MS Office, etc), and include the subdocuments (other wiki pages) inside. This way, you get the effect of a single wiki page showing the whole "book" thruogh the master document, while you can keep different edit permissions per wiki page included in the master document.