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How to give Group Monitor rights to all or selected users

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I have created different groups and each group creates wiki pages on which collaborations has to be done.

When person X creates a wiki- he needs to update other that a page has been created and ask them to update it.

Currently, only admin can create group monitor for wiki changes.
How can groups or individual user ben given rights to create group monitor for wiki changes.

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I've had a look at the code, and it seems that you need to grant them the perm to admin users (tiki_p_admin_users), in order to let them manage group watches to groups of users.

Hope this helps....

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Hi sartajbedi and Xavi,

I am generally interested in the topic, but have no time to look into this right at this moment.

Just so much: wouldn't there something with organic groups or workspaces or somewhere in that direction?

I am sure, that something could be setup in that direction. I just subscribe to this forum-thread and when one of you follows up (if the problem is still valid) I'd look into this aswell.