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Problem with slideshow inconsistency

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Am having problem with slideshow. Its seems to give inconsistent outcomes Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

I was usig wsyiwyg editor exclsuively. and troed to create a slideshow and it did not work.

then using the admin panel activated
Use Wiki syntax in WYSIWYG (found in wysiwyg)
and agai created templates and dummy wiki pages.
the slideshow worked.

However, when I tried to implement this in orginal document using the new ttemplate. it did not work.

Please see screen shot

Capture 20140903031815 859 0

verusus when it worked

Capture 20140903032028 502 0

Need to understand what have i done wrong.
Appreciate your support.

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I am one of the people who supported the integration of WYSIWYG (CKE) very much, as there are a lot of users expecting this as a functionality.

Same time I force my users (in projects I take care of) to use WikiSyntax and I refuse to switch on WYSIWYG (CKE), as it causes weird HTML and I just do not like it's instability.

You should setup an alternate test instance with a copy of your database and try, if it would work well with WikiSyntax only and WYSIWYG switched of completely.

One of our coders (Robert Plummer from USA) is developing a new parser for nearly 100% compatible Tiki style WikiSyntax (including WikiPlugins) and is quite far in the development.

He uses medium.js for WYSIWYG - so I distinguish between WYSIWYG (CKE) and WYSIWYG (medium). The integration is a bit slowed down, as some funding would be needed. But I see this very promising and as I test it frequently I am very hopefule that we finally get a quite stable solid alternative to WYSIWYG (CKE) which I maybe could allow my users.

I expect to see it in kind of a production ready beta mode about Tiki15 ... .

Anyway: try to stick with WikiSyntax on all technical or design pages, wher you would anyway avoid letting users to edit ... you can aswell setup a slideshow on a WikiSyntax based page and include it to a WYSIWYG based page with the plugin {include ...}


posts: 26 India

I found that slideshow works only with wiki syntax. I like WYSIWYG but had to disable it because of this functionality.
Thank you for your response.