Tikipedia still supported?

I'm new to Tiki and am learning as I go while I use it for a little project of mine. I discovered the "Tikipedia" theme online that mimics the Wikipedia look and want to try it out bad. Problem is the wiki page for it was outdated and the last discussions I could find about it on here are pretty much all a couple years old at least. Only thing I managed to get was a tikipedia.css file and no way of knowing how to install it.

So my question is is it still possible to run the Tikipedia theme (I'm on version 12), and if so can I just follow a general guide for theme installations or is this going to require something more specific?


Hi G01liath,

it is likely, that the Tikipedia theme / style will work at least somehow in Tiki12, as Tiki12 still uses the old design/css methods.

From Tiki13 it is likely that it will not work and it would be necessary to adopt the theme to the new Bootstrap classes.

Please see here:

For further questions on themes and the Twitter Bootstrap integration in Tiki you might want to subscribe to the artworks-list or visit the developers in Tiki's IRC chat channel:
irc.freenode.net #tikiwiki

The artwork-list is not quite active right now, but we will quite soon reactivate it. JFYI.

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Hey Torsten,

Going through the README file instructions and it seems I'm almost there. After putting all the folders in the right place (pretty sure?) "Tikipedia" appears in my "Looks and Feel" theme options. When I click it it successfully applies the theme. However clicking or going to the home page or any of the existing wiki pages pulls up the following error:


Oddly enough I can still travel through the admin tools with the new tikiwiki template (and change the theme back).

Did I mess up with the folders somehow or is this some other issue?

Thanks in advance


Hi G01liath,

Your error message seems to have some charset problem and is barely to read.

Did you do something with template (.tpl) files?

It seems, that maybe a closing 'curly bracket' is missing.


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Try this:

  1. Open the file ../templates/styles/tikipedia/tiki-show_page.tpl in a text editor.
  2. Go to line 123.
  3. Replace
    {include file=attachements.tpl}

    {include file='attachements.tpl'}

    Note the single quotes around the file name.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Clear all Tiki caches.

It seems that the Tikipedia template files need to be updated (probably why they haven't been included in recent Tiki builds.

There's no telling how many other problems you may encounter. :-(


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Thanks for the help so far guys, at least I'm getting somewhere.

I changed the line as you said, although I think I might have made a mistake manually clearing the cache (the site became inaccessible after I made the edit). I got this message after attempting to reload my site:


Both options have me reinstalling tiki which I'd rather not start over.

Was I supposed to delete the contents within the folders when clearing the cache? I deleted the folders themselves.


Clearing the Cache means to delete the content NOT the folder itself!

So maybe create them manually and fix the permissions (chmod 777 should be ok for the cache).


Hahaha yeah I figured. Went back and did just that after making that post.

My site is back up and functioning, but I'm still getting an error when I try to switch to tikipedia and click to another page.


It seems to be referencing line 127 instead of 123 now?

Edit: I'd think this theme would be far more in demand and worth supporting. I'd gladly tip out some bitcoin to anyone who would really go through and update it. In fact I'd recommend the entire Tiki community implement a tipping system for stuff like this and also to help discern which features are actually most demanded.

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The bottom line is... it doesn't appear that the Tikipedia theme (as is) is supported in Tiki 12.

This is the same type of error: you'll need to edit the line and place single quotes around the file name. I'm not sure what changed to make this required.

You could try grep-ing all the files to make this change globally, but I can't guarantee that there are other problems. I don't know how much work would be required to make the theme compatible with 12LTS.

I suggest that you log a bug request to have Tikipedia updated. Or maybe contact the theme developer directly (Gary, maybe?). You might also have better luck posting this request on the Themes site


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