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Features / Usability

Re: Online Users

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You have to use modules. Who-is-there module.
REad http://doc.tiki.org/Module+who_is_there

to get this done
1. Goto admin home
2. at the bottom of the screen see =Crosslinks to other features and settings
3.Under heading Navigation features: click on Modules.
4. Click on assigned moduled.
5. Click on add modules.
6. You will get a whole list of default module. select on who is there.
7. Tiki will ask you to configure it.
to configure
8.tiki will ask you to give it a name, who can see, what category etc. where shd it be located
9. its quite easy and the module will show name of the person who is online.

hope this helps

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I will really like to use this module, but unfortunately is the only one that gives me an error.

Wed May 16 10:53:08.215547 2018 :error pid 19418 client PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TikiDb_Exception: Data too long for column 'sessionId' at row 1 in /path/tiki-18.1/lib/core/TikiDb/Exception.php:15\nStack trace:\n#0 /path/tiki-18.1/lib/core/TikiDb.php(176): TikiDb_Exception::classify('Data too long f...')\n#1 /path/tiki-18.1/lib/core/TikiDb/Pdo.php(127): TikiDb->handleQueryError('INSERT INTO `ti...', Array, false, 'exception')\n#2 /path/tiki-18.1/lib/core/TikiDb.php(84): TikiDb_Pdo->query('INSERT INTO `ti...', Array, -1, -1, 'exception')\n#3 /path/tiki-18.1/lib/core/TikiDb/Table.php(40): TikiDb->queryException('INSERT INTO `ti...', Array)\n#4 /path/tiki-18.1/lib/tikilib.php(2403): TikiDb_Table->insert(Array)\n#5 /path/tiki-18.1/lib/tikilib.php(2423): TikiLib->update_session()\n#6 /path/tiki-18.1/modules/mod-func-who_is_there.php(55): TikiLib->count_sessions()\n#7 /path/tiki-18.1/tiki-admin_modules.php(273): module_who_is_there(Array, NULL)\n#8 {main}\n thrown in /path/tiki-18.1/lib/core/TikiDb/Exception.php on line 15, referer: https://mydomain/tiki-admin_modules.php?edit_assign=0&cookietab=2

Tiki 18
Linux OpenSUSE 42.3

Is it a MariaDB issue?