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Anchor in tiki 13.0

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I have a weird issue with anchors.

In edit/preview mode the anchor link works.

When I save the page and click the anchor it fails saying 'page not found'

The link looks like this:


it should look like this:


I know that if you leave the page name blank it should just treat the anchor as being on the same page, but instead it appears to be populating it with 'page=1'

Strange thing is this has only happened in the last couple of weeks, and I have not done any upgrades.


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Are you using the ANAME plugin to create the anchor point? Also, which editor (WYSIWYG or wiki) are you using?

I tested the anchors here, on the demo site (running Tiki 13.x) and was unable to reproduce your issue — it works as expected.

Can you provide additional details or a link to your live site?


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Thanks for responding Rick.

It's a private site but can try and set you up with access to a single page for testing if need be.

Turns out it is articles that is the issue, not the wiki pages.

Any chance you could also try creating an anchor in an article instead please?

I've tried with WYSiWYG and normal source editor.



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Rick, thanks again for testing that.

I've set up permissions for you on the site to have access to the articles, I've created a test for you to use.

Can I PM you the login and site address please?


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Cant PM you from in here for some reason so used the contact form at ricksapir.com

Hope thats ok.


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