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Features / Usability


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I like your IRC channel and was wondering if the feature is possible to use with my wiki as well. I like that new forum posts appear in the chat window.

Any advice on how to integrate this feature?


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Hello nsc1xm02,

the IRC channel is NOT a feature of the Tiki software.

You need to get a channel in one of the IRC networks or setup an owIRC server. Then you can link to that channel from your Tiki website.

We have a few features like displaying new forum posts to the IRC chat or logging, but th is made with e-mail and so called IRC bots - it is not me who maintaines that and it would be a d start to "review the internet" (aka using search enginges, aka googling) for general and more detailed information about IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

I hope I could help, regards,


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Ahh it uses the email feature in the forum to mail a bot or something, that helps, thanks Torsten

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